The project The man who wanted to be water promotes an artistic awareness around the ontology of water.




The ontology of water has to do with the time evolution, contamination, mixing, fusion of materials and permanent recoding memories. The water is transformation, metamorphosis, formal regeneration, articulation of life and death.


Dramatic tale 

The man who wanted to be water

Dramatic tale divided into several parts about the life of a character (Water) who always dreamed of turning into water.


The tale accounts the route and several episodes from the life of this character. Their life path, their experiences and transformations. A philosophical reflection on scientific thought and developed an alchemical process.


This man has to pass through the 4 elements of nature to ascend to his purpose to turn into water. Eventually dying / reborn through fire - only way he found to change into water. A dreamlike and poetic image about the importance of water, with a strong focus on ecological aspects and an allusion of the transformation of the world exercised by man.


Advisable to read from the age of 8.



You can read the story here, thanks to Helena Paula Ferreira.

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